A State-of-the-Art Mobile Medical Program


To Provide a Cost Effective and State-Of-The-Art Mobile Medical and Educational Service of Hope and Healing for Those Who Need It Most.

Advantages of Mobile Health Services

Efficient Delivery

Many people are deprived of consistent, modern healthcare because of their location or economic situation…

Cost Effectiveness

In most cases, mobile health delivery is chosen because it is a reasonably economic way to provide necessary care…


The major advantage of mobile units over fixed sites is their ability to move! Mobile units have been called into service for disasters…


Mobile units have been used by numerous companies and health systems for providing services at work sites…

Offer an Alternative

Offer an Alternative to Governments, Non-Profit Orgs, Industry and Foundations to Make Donations that directly improve the health of Targeted Populations…

Test the Waters

Many times the decision to spend hundreds of thousands & even millions of dollars for medical equipment and fixed facilities is not clear cut…

Increase Patient Care

Customers using mobile vehicles as an interim service have found that it was so cost effective that they kept the unit permanently. This happens more frequently with… 

Seasonal Usage

At times, mobile units serve areas that have dramatic summer or winter changes in patient volumes. Mobile units with appropriate services are excellent alternatives…

The Need for Mobile Medical Programs

There is a significant need for single physician mobile medical units in the urban and rural under-served areas of the state of Michigan, where many citizens do not receive preventative or basic health care. Mobile units, staffed with physicians, dieticians, or nurse practitioners, can access urban neighborhoods and rural areas to perform on-site examinations of patients. 

Mobile Medical Vehicle Concepts for Production

Mobile Medical Unit Gallery

Mobile Medical Vehicles FAQ

Q. Do I need a special drivers license?

No, a standard drivers license is required.

Q. Do you offer financing?

Yes, we offer a variety of financing options.

Q. How much does a fully equipped Medical/Dental clinic cost?

A well equipped sate-of-the-art unit can range $150,000-$300,000 depending on specialty, options and features added.

Q. Can I have a complete custom unit built to fit my needs?

Absolutely! We customize many units throughout the year, to fit exactly what type of service you plan to offer.

Q. Can I offer Digital Services on my unit?

Yes, we offer a technology driven unit with the latest in tele-medicine; electronic medical record keeping; and intelligent data communication systems customized for a mobile setting.

Q. What kind of gas mileage can I expect to get on these trucks?

Our clients usually get 8-14 mpg, depending on whether the unit is gas or diesel.

Our One-Stop Shop Service

Genesis Mobile Wellness clinic can be easily driven throughout rural and urban areas by any licensed driver. GMW’s mobile clinic allows doctors, paramedics, and physician assistants or nurse practitioners to serve patients in underserved regions, providing:

  • Health checkups/screenings
  • Immunizations
  • Laboratory diagnostic testing
  • HIV & drug testing
  • Sports & cardiovascular medicine testing
  • Preventative testing & diagnosis
  • Dental evaluations & treatments
  • Nutritional information & counsel

A letter from the Chairman

Genesis Mobile Wellness is a leader in the healthcare and management industry through our commitment and dedicated customer service and relations, we thrive on our clients 100% satisfaction and success.

We develop strategic relationships and alliances with companies and individuals throughout the U.S. that focus on healthcare programs and services; health and wellness educational programs; and state-of-the-art medical and emerging technologies.

Genesis Mobile Wellness is a non-profit 501c3 division that can dedicate its resources back to the community.

Our mission at Genesis Mobile Wellness is to provide you and your organization with exceptional interactions and the highest quality of service.

John D. Dalaly


Genesis Mobile Wellness

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