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Genesis Mobile Wellness has manufactured, designed and managed mobile medical vehicles as well as health and wellness programs and services.

In the last few years, GMW has added research and development teams and their educational partnerships.

The Need for Mobile Medical Programs

There is a significant need for single physician mobile medical units in the urban and rural under-served areas in the nation vs State of Michigan, where many citizens do not receive preventative or basic health care.  Mobile units, staffed with physicians, dieticians, or nurse practitioners, can access urban neighborhoods and rural areas to perform on-site examinations of patients.  Deployment of a fleet of mobile medical vehicles alleviates obstacles to delivery of healthcare services including inadequate transportation, reduction of ER and transport services, and the inability to access medical clinics.  A mobile medical vehicle program would re-invent a community health care system, where brick and mortar clinics are not feasible, and would create a legacy of compassionate and beneficial service in conjunction with a more productive and efficient use of fiscal resources.

Solutions to Health Professional Shortage Areas

Genesis Mobile Wellness offers a solution to our country’s over 30,000 HPSA (Health Professional Shortage Areas) and MUA’s (Medically Underserved Areas) by introducing a state-of-the-art, educational, technology driven, and health care system approved, mobile medical vehicle program.

Data and Cost Savings

  • Data that is collected from a pilot program will be used to demonstrate the concept validity and cost savings to the healthcare system.
  • A critical aspect to a mobile medical vehicle program is the mechanism to pay for services.
  • While video consultation services currently have codes, it is limited to rural areas. If such technology was developed further and applied additionally to urban and suburban settings, the financial impact and cost savings would grow exponentially.
  • In lieu of current reimbursement codes, the “shared savings” financial model has been successful throughout the country for mobile programs.

Mobile Healthcare & the Affordable Care Act

  • As the Affordable Care Act continues implementation, there will be millions of citizens with new insurance cards, a mobile medical fleet would go into low access communities and encompass the new patients which would enable the mobile medical vehicle to serve as a conduit for bringing the individuals into your health system or hospital for referrals, downstream revenue and the continuum of care.
  • A mobile health and wellness program aligns with the ACA tenets for better quality and increased access and cost efficiency of health care delivery.
  • For fleet management, staffing, fiscal accountability, and service, GMW envisions a budget to be allocated from a variety of sources including your organization’s current uncompensated care and charitable care budget as well as state and federal grants.
  • The Affordable Health Care Act identifies under-served health areas as a major cause for concern and attention thus giving financial incentives to states and physicians to practice and support the health care act by providing access to the needy and indigent.

GMW’s Partners & Collaborators

  • Genesis Mobile Wellness has a seasoned and highly credentialed physician advisory board. Its members hail from the best medical facilities in the state and include an award winning and well published neurologist, cardiologist, and a family practice physician.
  • Michigan State University College of Osteopathic Medicine (MSUCOM)
  • Lawrence Technological University (LTU)
  • Ascension Health
  • Robertson Health Institute
  • Rainbow PUSH Coalition
  • Community EMS
  • Abnology
  • Dover Environmental (Medical Waste)

Past Clients

  • Wayne County Health Department, Detroit, MI
  • Arkansas Department of Health and Bureau of Indian Affairs, AK
  • Maine Migrant Workers, ME
  • United States Navy
  • King Fahd Hospital (Al-Hofuf) and ▪ King Fahd University Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • King Khalid University Hospital, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Harvard University Medical Center, MA
  • Tulane University, New Orleans, LA
  • Oakwood Hospital, Dearborn, MI
  • St. Joseph Health System, Novi, MI
  • Detroit Medical Center, Detroit, MI
  • Beaumont Hospitals, Royal Oak, MI
  • Michigan Department of Community Health, Lansing, MI
  • People’s Republic of China, China
  • Croatian Democracy, Croatia
  • Russia Ministry of Health, Moscow, Russia
  • Oman Ministry of Health, Oman
  • UAE Ministry of the Interior, UAE

Genesis Mobile Wellness

Our non-profit 501c3 Genesis Mobile Wellness, welcomes the opportunity to demonstrate and deliver the highest standard of healthcare services to the citizens throughout our rural and urban communities in a dignified, caring and efficient manner.

GMW is eager to bring its expertise and unparalleled program and join with those that have a vision and initiative in the fight against a culture of unhealthy living and healthcare inopportunity and create a legacy within their neighborhoods.

We look forward to partnering with your organization to serve the most vulnerable of our society.

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